Tricolor Books, an imprint of Raja Pocket Books (publishers of Raj Comics), is a publishing house for children. We specialize in all kinds of children books ranging from learning books, story books to coloring and activity books. We have a huge uncatalogued of books for kids of all ages and books ideal for schools.

The authors of these books are experienced and acclaimed teachers/educationists who excel in producing the best literature for kids. The illustrations are made by the best artists of India and printed using state of the art 4-colour printing machines on highest quality paper.

Our books are used by schools & customers all over India and abroad.

Children and parents love our books and teachers recommend them.
The features that make our books stand out are:

Subject-matter: Our books are prepared with utmost dedication and precision and are written according to the age groups of children. The language used is easily understandable and grammatically correct. The sentences are very fun and simple so that a child has fun while he learns

Finest Quality: We produce the finest quality product using finest papers and best presses to print our books. We have the best writers and illustrators who prepare vibrant and amazing books ideally for the kids.

Illustrations & Graphics: Graphics play an important role in children books. They make the book more understandable and fun to read. They attract attention. Therefore, we prepare clear and colourful illustrations which are made by renowned international artists.

Price: Our books are most reasonably priced books in the market. We focus on quality and keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality so that everyone can reap benefits of education.

Tricolor Books promises finest books for kids.

Smart Books for Smart Kids